Who we are


I have been a professional wedding-christening photographer since 1995, when I obtained my Bachelor of Arts from Middlesex University of England. I believe "Art is making order out of chaos." I like to be unobtrusive when I take my shots, offering room to the couple so that they, in turn, offer me back their greatest moments!

I never feel more energized than on those days when I'm “treasure hunting” with my camera... Unless I'm struggling to help the strays of my city. This is why I am a founding member of the enviromental-animal welfare rescue association LEROS ANIMAL LOVERS. I do not "eat my friends", I am a vegan... I feel that one day we'll be judged by how we treated animals. And I love the idea!

- Zacharoula Lagopatis -


I have been a professional wedding-christening photographer since 1997. It was the one type of photography where I could enjoy complete creative freedom! I get excited and inspired by people’s joy and emotions. Photography is my life, my passion and my love... Sometimes I feel I have the best job in the world!

However, it’s more than just a job to me. I feel I get to become a part of people’s lives and this thrills me... When somebody looks at my images, I want their heart to jump! I like to pick my favorite wedding and christening photos to blog about and become a storyteller, telling the story as I experienced it myself.

- Georgia Lagopatis -