About us

Flashes of happiness come, moments of emotion go… They feel so distant after the lights go out, but in our own eyes they always remain alive.

Happiness is an art, and the art of photography is ever-present, convincing us that time can indeed be trapped to show the next generations the magic of existence, the value of emotions. Every single moment is a small eternity in itself, embracing thousands of images forever shielded within the one and only truth, the truth of memories.

Captive moments, recorded by now on photographic paper, hidden in the pages of our album. Moving images, well-kept within thousands of video stills, come to remind us that somewhere, somehow, sometime back, the eyes of a woman were voicing “I love you”, at each and every moment while approaching the church steps, to the man waiting for her with a bouquet in his hands, on their wedding day…

To remind us of shining smiles, tears of joy, cute dimples on happy cheeks… To remind us funny sounds made by a rosy baby –a little angel girl or a small prince– as it was stretching its miniature hands trying to touch its mother on the day of its christening…

Paying due respect to tradition but not failing to respond to the speed of developments, we gaze through our lens at your own important moments. Always with enthusiasm and faith in the perfect outcome.


  Since 1989 to the day, ‘Studio Lagopatis’ offers all the range of services, specializing in wedding & christening photography/cinematography. On appointment, we will browse through compelling digital albums and watch cinematic video clips.

  Apart from capturing the preparation of the bride and the groom, the wedding ceremony itself, the wedding reception and the christening, extra services can be added as well.


  • Bride & Groom preparation photography/cinematography
  • Wedding & Christening photography/cinematography
  • Pre-wedding photoshoot & movies
  • Next-day photoshoot
  • Engagement session
  • Pregnancy photography
  • Newborn photography


  You can count on us to deliver the perfect combination of photojournalism,and creative portraiture. Our team consists of photographers and videographers that specializes in creative documentary wedding and christening photography & cinematography.

  We are dedicated to giving you images that will blow your mind, make your parents proud and...your friends jealous!!!


  • Creative printing suggestions on special or unconventional materials such as wood, stone, glass, canvas, kfix, mugs, t-shirts, watches etc.
  • Processing of old photos
  • Cutting-edge photorealism techniques, with 3D prints not requiring the use of special glasses
  • Transfer from any format to DVD

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